The Only Cafe’s Winter Beer Fest

Happy Family Day from your Bottomless Pint Family! Since I worked all weekend while you were off at a cottage or ski trip or NBA all-star party, I’m going to tell you about the great time I had two Saturdays ago at The Only Café in Toronto’s east end.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by living in the city and I start fantasizing about how much more beer I could make if I moved away to somewhere with more space and less people. But then I ride a couple subway stops to Donlands station, walk into the crowded comfort of the The Only Café and I am suddenly reminded of why the city life is so amazing. There is always something going on no matter what part of Toronto you’re in, you don’t have to drive and you will probably stop for some sort of salty treat on your way home too because well you can, everything is still open. The city is alive.

Last Saturday (Feb 6th) I ventured to The Only Café’s Winter Beer Fest. It’s a small bar and they hit capacity pretty fast so I had to wait a few minutes to get in but it was not nearly as cold as this past weekend and the doorman was very nice. The Only hosts four beer fests per year, one for every season. Such an amazing idea because:

A- Breweries come out with seasonal beers, changing with the SEASONS, I think you know where I’m going with this. It’s a great way to try what’s new and keep up with beer trends without having to individually seek out every limited edition brew.

B- If you miss out, it’s only a few months until the next one!

ALSO by having them so frequently, the vibe is much more relaxed, this is not a once in a lifetime opportunity (although you do instantly feel your quality of life go up a few notches once you’re there).

Did I mention that it’s totally affordable? There’s no cover and beer tickets are $1 apiece. A ticket gets you a 5oz sample and 3 tickets gets you 16oz. Its not very often you can go to a beer festival with 15 bucks in your pocket and be set for the night. (Anyone who knows me knows that I didn’t drink 15 samples but I know a few people who could!)

Some highlights of my night:

We will be sure to let you know when the Spring Beer Fest is scheduled, see you there!



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