Ottawa Craft Beer Pub Crawls: The Glebe

Everyone loves a good pub crawl, but who wants to crawl from bar to bar drinking weak, tasteless beer? In this ongoing series, I’m going to lay out the best craft beer pub crawls that Ottawa has to offer. Each bar has a suggested beer, and an alternate option if you want to shake it up a little.

Glebe Pub Crawl


1. Local Public Eatery- Landsdowne
Rotating Taps
Alternate Option: Whitewater Whistling Paddler

Start your night out with a beer of your choice from one of the best new taps in the city. Local offers a diverse set of six rotating taps, so ask what’s on deck this week and let the pub crawl begin.
If you’re not feeling a surprise then you can rely on some Whitewater Whistling Paddler, English ale from the Ottawa valley.

2. Irene’s Pub- 885 Bank Street
Beau’s Lug Tread
Alternate Option: Ashton Brewing Company

Saunter along from one of Ottawa’s newest hotspots to an old classic just three blocks away. Irene’s has long been a staple of Ottawa’s pub community, so pair it with a staple of Ottawa’s beer community- Beau’s Lug Tread. Between the pub and the pint, you’ll get the most authentically Ottawa experience that this pub crawl has to offer. If you plan well, you’ll even get to soak up some of a live show while you’re at it.
If Beau’s isn’t your style, Ashton Brewing Company has made a name for itself in Ottawa bars, so ask what they have from ABC on tap.

3. The Arrow and Loon- 88 Fifth Avenue
Beer of Your Choice

As that second pint crawls up to your frontal lobe, you’ll find the widest selection of beers the Glebe has to offer two more blocks up. Tucked a little off Bank street in Fifth Avenue Plaza, The Arrow and Loon is another establishment with an ever-changing selection of beer. At this stage of your crawl, it’s about time to get adventurous. Check out what’s on tap this week and choose for yourself.

4. Pints and Quarts- 779 Bank Street
Kitchessippi Heller High Water
Alternate Option: Amsterdam Natural Blonde

While it may not have the glitz and glamour of some other choices, Pints and Quartz is secretly a solid pub to sip on your fourth pint of the night. This time you can order up another Ottawa classic from Kitchessippi Brewing. A German style pale lager, this beer will shake you out of your Ontario state of mind, while still keeping it local.

For a different choice, try Amsterdam Brewery’s easy-drinking blonde ale.

5. Corner Bar and Grill- 777 Bank Street
Beyond The Pale Pink Fuzz
Alternate Option: Muskoka Mad Tom

As your night is getting deeper you might need to relax a little, and Corner is the perfect place to do it. Calm your nerves with a pint of Hintonburg’s own Beyond the Pale. Corner offers Pink Fuzz, a soothing grapefruit ale with a surprising 6% bite to it. Rest up your legs too, because it’s a bit of a hike to tonight’s final destination.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more oomph, try out the hoppy delights of Muskoka’s Mad Tom IPA.

6. The Clocktower Brewpub- 575 Bank Street
The Clocktower Red
Alternate Option: Raspberry Wheat

You can’t talk Glebe craft beer without talking Clocktower. While it’s a bit further away from the rest of your journey, it’s well worth the trek. This brewpub offers a wide selection of their own beers, and is the perfect place to finish off the night. The Clocktower Red gives you a rich pine flavour, or if that’s not your thing their Raspberry Wheat can soothe your tastebuds.