Where are all the badass ladies at? SOBDL Bevies, that’s where.

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Hey folks, my name is Victoria and I’m new to the blogging scene. For the most part, I leave the beer-writing to those with infinitely more cred than what I’ve got in my repertoire, but I recently went to my very first bevy, and I wanted to share my experience (and hopefully light a fire under the butts of other ladies lurking in the shadows, too afraid to bevy it up)! Let me start by saying, I’m not here to do an in-depth review of the beer that was available. I’m here to give you my opinions of the event as a whole, and talk to you about the phenomenal beers I had. Because shit, they were phenomenal.

I attended Bevy0017 of the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies on June 26th with a lovely lady coworker of mine. It was held at the Monarch Tavern, tucked away in Little Italy in the College-Bathurst area. I’ve been a craft beer drinker for about two and a half years now, and I have come into contact with the awesome ladies behind SOBDL quite a few times; whether it be at Roundhouse festivals, cider launch events or at brewery tours while they were doing their day jobs. Due to previous work constraints, I had never been able to make it to a bevy…until this glorious evening.

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A true tap takeover. – Photos by Ren Navarro

As soon as I walked into the Monarch, I knew it would be an amazing evening. All that could be heard was laughter, good tunes, and the type of high decibel conversation that only hoards of beer-drinking women can accomplish successfully. ‘Twas brilliant.

Making my way to the bar, I ordered my first beer of the night which was the Bevy Brew (which we subsequently finished in about an hour) called Wasted Away Again in Mojitoville from the great folks at Sawdust City. At 4.8%, this was everything I thought it could be and more, embracing the salty and lime aspects of mojitos and somehow still tasting like beer. The lime made for a nice tangy finish, and gave it a telltale mojito aroma. It went down far too easily. Also at the bar, next to the gorgeous ladies pulling pints for us all night, some great BBQ was served up from the equally gorgeous people from Baju BBQ. Yum.

@torontoerica had some important bevy tips for everyone. – Photos by Ren Navarro

Apart from the bevy brew, I felt there were three standouts from the beer selection that evening. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Church Key Brewing- Holy Smoke 6.2%

I don’t even know where to start. This is a Scotch ale infused with so much richness and smokiness that honestly, it tasted a bit like meat. Before this evening, I didn’t know that could be a good thing, but holy shit was it ever tasty. I should note that by “tasting like meat” I don’t mean it had a particularly fleshy taste, I just mean that the malts used created such a savory and bold taste to the beer that it gave you a sweet reminder of bacon. Feel me?? Fuller in body and darker in colour, but light enough on the tomgue that it wasn’t overbearing after a few sips. Also, this beer acts as a wonderful conversation starter. I made me some new friends over this lovely brew.


just a few of the lovely SOBDL #bevy0017 participants. – Photos by Ren Navarro

2. Left Field Brewery- Sunlight Park Saison 5.7%

The combination of citrusy goodness and toasted wheat flavours in this saison are, in my opinion, unparalleled. It has the zippy and sour tastes of a traditional saison but the yeast profile and lemon flavours are highlighted nicely as well, giving it a lot of depth. Amazing balance, incredibly light and easy in body. Just beautiful.


3. Great Lakes Brewery- Limp Puppet Session IPA 3.8%

Not going to lie, this one blew my mind a little bit. Unfiltered, so the lemon and grapefruit flavours were able to shine without being too overbearing or bitter, and the lower ABV left a lighter feeling on the tongue than other IPAs tend to have. If you’re usually afraid of IPAs, this one is sessionable enough that it may just convert you into a hop-head. Ridiculously good.


So basically, I drank beer, ate BBQ and felt all the good feels. The group of women (and group of men after midnight) that this event attracted was unbelievably friendly, great at dancing, and dare I say, incredibly attractive. Shoutouts to you, girl I met in the bathroom that told me she liked my lipstick.

Ren, Magenta, Erica, Jen and Jamie, you ladies truly know how to make a gal feel welcome. Thank you for creating this avenue for women to gather, share and experience new things. I will definitely be at many of the future bevies to come.

I should also mention that a portion of the ticket sales was donated to the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Swoon.


** Although these monthly bevies are geared towards women, this event is welcoming to women of all shapes/forms/identities etc. And the men are even allowed after midnight!! **




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Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.37.58 PMThrown headlong into the Toronto craft scene by her

adoration for the sustainable and local business,

Victoria holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies.  

She works in the bottle shop of one of Ontario’s

best craft breweries, and adores the children she

teaches dance, a good book, and investigating new beer. 

Find her on twitter here.

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