Review: Spring Bock (Amsterdam Brewery)


Orgin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Beer Style: Dopplebock

Alc./Vol.: 7.3%

IBU: 30

Malts: Munich, Vienna, Pils, Melanoidin, Caramunich

Hops: Hallertau

Suggested Glassware: Stem Glass, Dimple Mug

Suggested Serving Temperature: 10° Celsius

Availability: Feb – May at The Amsterdam Retail Store and the LCBO and on tap at finer bars and restaurants.

This review features a beer from Amsterdam Brewery in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Amsterdam Brewery is located at 45 Esandar Drive Toronto, and also has a Brewhouse in Downtown Toronto. The beer that I chose to review is the Spring Bock. This “Bock” has been aged 6 weeks, which is 3 times longer than a regular lager. The longer aging is what gives a “Bock” it’s strongerbody and greater malt taste than a lager.

The beer came in a 500ml bottom that I bought from my local LCBO, but it can also be found at the brewery or downtown Brewhouse. It is an all-natural beer with no additives, no preservatives and is non-pasteurized. I
used a pint glass for this review, but Amsterdam recommends a dimpled mug or stem glass.

When the beer is poured into the glass it has a deep mahogany colour. You instantly get the smell of roasted malt and caramel. As the beer sits in the glass you start to smell light notes of fig or raisins with a hint of
citrus. This “Bock” has a very sweet smell to it despite it being a strong beer. There is little to no head on the beer, which as I was drinking also left no lacing on the glass. The clarity on the beer is very good, no hazing or clouding.DSC02462

At first taste, you get hit with full bold flavors of sweet bread with hints of dried fruit and caramel. You really notice the malt from the 6 weeks of extended aging. Despite its very bold malt flavors it balances out well with a light amount of citrus and sweet chocolate. At the proper drinking temperature you get this perfect creaminess that acts as a great compliment to the malt and bitters. This “Bock” has an amazing aftertaste that begins with the roasted malt but finishes with a lingering bitterness that sits on the palette. The light carbonation really helps to combine the two very different tastes.

My overall impression of this beer is that it is that is full of very bold yet, balanced notes that complement each other greatly. It was very clean and fresh to the very end of the beer, never tasting bitterer than it should. I feel that it would be a great beer for a cool spring day, sitting on the patio. In addition, with a little age, maybe a year, this beer could really take on character and have a whole different taste profile.

I give this beer an overall score of 41/50. Be sure to go and pick up a couple to try for yourself. Shoot me a message or follow me on Twitter (@_bottomlesspint) and let me know what you think.


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