Brickworks launches Queen Street 501, not delayed like its namesake

In case you haven’t heard, not all adult-beverage loving Torontonians are hop-heads.   Put down your pitchforks, people, and pick up your bushel baskets – it seems that the term “craft cider” is here to stay.


Brickworks Ciderhouse is a local craft cider brewer (Toronto-famous for Batch 1904, their first retail cider now available at your local LCBO) with a flair for the unique. Their products only contain apples (a single ingredient, flash pasteurized) from within 300km of their cidery in Toronto. Without reviewing it, it’s fucking delicious, especially for summer patio season; if you have not yet dabbled in the world of local cider, I implore you to give it a try.

(as with all of my articles, here’s a link to the LCBO finder, you’re welcome)

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party for Brickworks’ newest cider, Queen Street 501 – aptly named after the longest streetcar route in North America – a semi-sweet apple cider, made from a blend of 8 types of apples.

The party kicked off at Betty’s (website link) on King East, an appropriate atmosphere for the hipster in us all. The crowd was rowdy – media types, lifestyle bloggers, and contest winners all poured in to say hi to Blake “Sugsy” Sugden (Brickworks’ Event Manager) and the rest of the friendly folks at Bricksworks.

Talking with Blake, it was easy to see why Brickworks has instantly become a tasty (and now very well-syndicated) hit. “We’re proud”, he says, when asked about their instant hit with Batch 1904, ”people love our stuff, and we’re going to keep at it.” Between their constant attendance at events, impressive list of bars that stock their Batch 1904 (and a decent handful of bars that carried Queen St. 501 pre-release), and their unique, minimalist can art (Amy Patterson, 2013 CASSIE Award winner and all-around design genius), the Brickworks brand is one Torontonians can identify with, and more importantly, easily identify as a stand-out product among the dozens of competitors to be found at any haphazardly-organized LCBO cider section.

From there was an awesome treat – Brickworks commissioned a restored old streetcar to bring guests from the launch at Betty’s, along the Queen Street 501 route, and back to the Firkin on King for the launch party.

Check out some photos from the launch (care of Victoria Rombis and VOCAB Communications)and stay 100% ontario for life!

– Mike
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One thought on “Brickworks launches Queen Street 501, not delayed like its namesake”

  1. Brad: This Brickworks Cider newsbreak is brought to you by Brickworks Cider: Get sauced with Brickworks. Neil.

    Neil: Our top story, Homer Simpson has just Brickworksed his way past the halfway point of the Murderhorn. Brad, could Homer have made it this far without the engineered nutrition of EIGHT kinds of apples?

    Brad: No way Neil. Oh, this just in…Brickworks is amazing!

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