PRESS RELEASE: Nickel Brook Converts Burlington Brewery To Funk Lab

Awesome news from the good folks at Nickel Brook Brewery! With sour beers becoming a huge trend in Ontario, it’s harder for the bigger breweries to participate without contaminating some of their equipment and their core brands. This is an innovative move, and a great way to utilize the facility. Read below for full details: 


Nickel Brook Converts Burlington Brewery to Funk Lab

For Immediate Release
BURLINGTON, ON – September 28 2016 – Nickel Brook Brewing Co. announced today that its original brewery at 864 Drury Lane, Burlington is now operating as a full-time funk and sour beer facility known as The Funk Lab, making Nickel Brook the foremost funk brewer in Ontario.

The announcement follows Nickel Brook’s purchase of a new production facility in Hamilton, Ontario.  Their award-winning lineup of core beers, including Headstock IPA and Naughty Neighbour APA, are now produced in the larger brewery, which they co-own with Collective Arts.  The Funk Lab is dedicated to brewing small-batch funk and sour beers using rare and wild yeast strains, as well as barrel-ageing beers such as fan-favourites Cuvée and Winey Bastard.

Nickel Brook has already made waves with some of its earliest funk creations, including winning a Gold medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards for their Uber Raspberry Berliner Weisse, a sour German wheat beer aged on Canadian raspberries. The delicious Uncommon Element Brett Pale Ale and Brett Saison will be year round staples of the Funk Lab, with other unique recipes, such as a Cucumber-Lime Gose, being released throughout the year.

To celebrate this announcement, Nickel Brook will be hosting a Funk Lab Launch Event at BarHop, 391 King Street, Toronto on October 3rd, 2016. A by-invitation  event will begin at 5pm, with an open-to-the-public tap takeover starting at 7pm. Further details will be available on the brewery’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

For more information, please contact:
Matt Gibson, (289) 208-8295

About Sour and Funk Beers
Historically, beer became funky when wild bacteria found their way into open-air fermentation tanks.  Over time, brewers and scientists worked to isolate the good bacteria from the bad ones, creating a catalogue of delicious funk strains.  The three most common strains of funk bacteria are Lactobacillus (aka Lacto), Brettanomyces (aka Brett,) and Pediococcus (aka Pedio), each of which contribute their own unique flavours and aromas.  Some brewers avoid the use of such bacteria for fear of cross-contamination, but Nickel Brook’s dedicated Funk Lab embraces the unique and wild flavours these microbes impart on beer.

About Nickel Brook Brewing Co.
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. was founded by John and Peter Romano in Burlington, Ontario in 2005. They have since expanded operations to Hamilton, Ontario where they co-opened the Arts and Sciences Brewery with Collective Arts Brewing.  They are committed to using only the finest natural ingredients from around the world, and brew them in small batches for the highest standard of quality.  This award-winning Ontario craft brewery constantly strives to push the boundaries of brewing culture.

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