Old Flame Brewing Co. coming to Port Perry

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Tuesday June 3rd I had the privilege of getting a sneak peek of Durham Region’s newest brewery., Old Flame Brewing Co. Old Flame is located in the Historical District of Port Perry, Ontario. Housed in a building that was built for the former Ontario Carriage Works in 1884 gives the building a vibrant history adding to the charm of the brewery. Prior to becoming the Old Flame, the building was used as an LCBO location.

As the renovation process started, and the interior drywall was removed, the true beauty of the building began to appear. The original post and beam structure, the century old brick and even burnt timber from a historical blaze appeared from behind the modern façade. The charm and history shines of this building shines through as you arrive. Jack Doak, the breweries founder, stuck with his visions and gave the old building a beautiful rustic look.

As soon as you walk in to the brewery, you are blown away by the decor and the appearance of the tasting room. Old Flame has done an amazing job in keeping their theme consistent as well as the branding all the way through. As you walk into the room you will see “A History Wall” with pictures, articles and stories about the old building and historic Port Perry. Like Jack said “This is all about creating an emotional attachment to a brand.” and truly Jack and his creative director have done an amazing job achieving their goal. I could go on and on about how beautiful the tasting room is, but I will let you go have a look and experience it for yourself. Old Flame Brewery has received approval to add a patio at the back of their building. This will allow its customers an opportunity to enjoy one of their signature beers outdoors just steps from the lake. People will be able to come and go into the brewery through either the front or back door.

The brewery offers a tasting room experience. You will be able to go up to the counter and get a flight of beer. The flight consists of 3-4oz servings of their signature beers. Being a tasting room the brewery will also offer its customers an assortment of local cheese along with some bread and crackers. Since the brewery closes at 9 pm, they encourage their customers to head to one of the many local restaurants for a bite to eat after the Brewery closes. These restaurants will of course have Old Flame on tap.

The brewery will have 3 signature beers. The way Jack puts it is “Everyone has an old flame.” So their 3 beers are called Blonde, a Red and a Brunette. The Blonde is more of a Hellas style lager. Which will be a very seasonal, Oktoberfest style beer. The Red will be a Vienna lager, and the Brunette will be a Munich dunkle style lager. The Brunette is already an award winner bringing home a Gold Metal from the Niagara College BrewingCompetition. I was lucky enough to try some of the first beer ever made at Old Flame, which was a Dirty Blonde. It was a very easy drinking patio beer that will certainly be a huge successfullocal beer this summer. Old Flame has 6 Taps in their tasting. 3 taps will be set aside for their signature beers, one tap will be for their “Brewers Discretion’ Series beer (which will be one-off beers of the brewmaster’s choice, and the other two will be for a couple of the breweries other brews. Their beers will be able to be purchased in t750ml mini growlers. Old Flame also has plans for expansion into cans for the LCBO in the near future. The bottles are the perfect size to pick up one of each and share with friends. There are no current plans for a 2L growler. The growlers are priced at $5.25 with a $1.25 deposit on the bottle.

Old Flames Brewmaster is Scott Pautler. Scott is a graduate of Niagara Collage Brewing program. Not only does Scott have a breweing degree, but also has a degree in accounting from Brock University. Scott started out as a home brewer like many brewmasters before moving on to work at several breweries including F&M Brewery, Lake of Bays, then helped to get Oast House setup. From there he went on to work at Mill St. Brewery and that’s when Jack stole him for Old Flame. Scott comes with of ton of experience in the brewing industry and a huge amount of passion for beer. Scott like any people in the craft beer industry have lofty goals “It’s my goal to make a brew that’s both delicious and consistent.” Scott provides extreme attention to detail so that ever beer is consistent, including the water which goes through a reverse-osmosis in order to keep each beer pure from the very start.

The brewery will be open to the public as of Tuesday June 10th. Be sure to head over to the brewery have a flight or two of their great beer. Then pick up some bottles and share with your friends.

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