Left Field Brewery Celebrates 3rd Anniversary with Two New Beers


Happy Anniversary to Toronto’s favourite baseball-themed brewery – Left Field celebrates three years of beer-making this month.

Hard to believe, really – My beer-drinking experimentation started around the same time as when Left Field started putting out beer, so they really hold a special spot for me as the little idea that could.  Now, with amazing branding, a killer tap-room (Toronto’s best IMO), and a rotating roster of beers that never disappoint, Left Field has more than established itself as a desirable, quality brewery with a keen eye for community support and creation of a welcoming atmosphere.  Unreasonable neighbours or not, this is one of Toronto’s most celebrated breweries, and with good reason.

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Mandie and Mark Murphy, the power marketing/brewer couple behind this awesome spot, gave The Bottomless Pint a preview of one of the all-new beers to be released on Thursday at 12PM,   Anniversary No.3 Saison, which is dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin (a fruity hop from New Zealand).  Anyone who reads us already knows i’m partial to the farmhand beers, and this is absolutely exemplary in both dedication to the Saison style, as well as an absolutely finely balanced hop-up by the addition of dry hops.  Fruity with the classic spicy Belgian esters up front, dominant flavours include honeydew melon, apricot and nectarine, with a depth of sweetness and aromatics of both grass and faint yet crisp cucumber rind – this is a spring beverage.  Gorgeous and opaque in off-orange colour with some sediment and a rocky, white head.  It kicks your ass ever so slightly at 7.6% ABV, which is a little hefty for a Saison; however, after having Sunlight Park Saison last summer (please bring it back this year), I knew Left Field could do it right, and again, they hit a Jose-esque home run with this.

Check out the press release below – say hi to a couple of our writers that you may find chillin’ in the Left Field tap room this Thursday afternoon, grabbing some bottles and chatting with the team!  Be sure to go grab some, i’m certain they won’t last long!



Today, February 5, 2016, marks 1 year to the day since we brewed our first batch of beer – Lead Off Single – right here in our very own brewery. Most breweries would celebrate this as their first anniversary but for us it isn’t that straightforward. Our story involves making a not-so-common leap from contract brewery to bricks and mortar brewery and because of this, our anniversary date is a bit of a moving target. You see, our first ever batch of beer, Eephus, was brewed under contract at Grand River brewery on February 14, 2013. On top of all that, we gained access to and started construction at 36 Wagstaff Drive on February 1, 2014. Because of all this, we tend to look at the entire month of February as our anniversary month.

Naturally, such an important month in our history deserves a special beer to mark the occasion. With that in mind, we decided to brew not one, but two celebratory anniversary beers for release this month.

Anniversary No. 3 is a strong Saison brewed with a French Saison Ale Yeast and dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. A warm fermentation gives layers of tropical fruit and delicate spice, and this unique and audacious hop variety lends complimentary flavours of white wine and gooseberry. Expect this beer to be aromatic, dry, and filled with character.
7.6% ABV / 45 IBU

First & Third is our interpretation of the Berliner Weisse style of sour ale. We kettle-soured a mash made from 50% wheat with our house strain of lactobacillus. We made use of a blend of Belgian and American ale yeasts to produce a beer with light body, nuances of stone fruit, very low bitterness and clean, gentle tartness reminiscent of lemonade. In Berlin these beers are traditionally enjoyed with a sweet fruit or herbal syrup – we look forward to re-imagining this experience on our home turf.
4.0% ABV / 8 IBU

Anniversary No. 3 and First & Third will both be available in our Bottle Shop and Tap Room starting at noon on Thursday February 25th.

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