On the hiatus

Mike explains where the hell he’s been, and where TBP is going.

It has been 10 months since The Bottomless Pint last published an article.

But yesterday, I came to a conclusion.  We’re needed back, I think.

It seemed for a while there, TBP lost it’s voice.  There is so much good content being circulated on the internet and social networks surrounding beer editorials, brewery visits, and op-ed pieces about any old thing in the industry. You, dear reader, have tons of great options and resources for content.  I felt like we weren’t needed; like all I needed to say was being said. Brewery blogs stepped up their game and told you quickly and concisely about beer releases.

I also lost most of the blog participants.

Matt Renda, who founded TBP, has moved on to champion his own massive and exciting project that I can’t wait to help him share with the world when it’s born.

Victoria Rombis stepped away and moved on in blog land, and still works for a good friend to TBP, Muskoka Brewery; you can find her all around Ontario singing the praises of their fine Moonlight Kettle series.

Beth Hughes went on a months-long cross-continent roadtrip, and has returned to her work at Junction Craft Brewing as a sales rep for Western Ontario.

I also had a ton go on in 2017 – but that’s a story for another time.  Full disclosure – I sling beers a few times a month at the brand new Kensington Brewing Co in Toronto.

So, I’ve found this voice again. The Bottomless Pint, it seems, has been refreshed.  The glass is beer clean.  It’s a real crispyboye this time, with some extra bitterness in this batch that I think you’ll like.

There’s a lot of terrible, brutal, cheap, meaningless content creeping onto Instagram and other parts of the internet that does absolutely nothing for beer lovers.

I want to do something for you, to provide a value nobody else either can, or currently is. They say to stick to what you’re good at.

So here’s the new platform: you’re interested in beer, right? Good. We’re going to teach you about it, and why it’s cool, and anyone who says otherwise can go to hell. No press releases, we’ll let you know that on IG and Twitter @beermostly so it’s quick and snackable content.  No more news aggregates, there are great examples of those already. Shortly you’ll be able to find us on Facebook, too.

But not boring shit. We know you don’t care about a beer’s letter grade or /5 ranking or any of that stuff, or that I like the color of the can, or that anything other than the beer and it’s experience is highlighted.

I’m going to teach you the coolest parts of being “into” beer.  How to pair it with food. Where the best spots are to get one, to take your friends, or on a date. I’m going to teach you how to introduce your friends and coworkers and families and s/o’s about it without sounding like a jerk.  You’ll learn about the sex and bro-driven culture that infects beer, and why it’s bad for everyone.  I’ll recommend books.  Other blogs. Why you should stop buying ABInBev beers. If you’re incredibly interested, we’ll talk brewing science and off-flavours, too. This is a conversation, not me on a soapbox.  Wanna know something, or have a gripe, or question?  Hit me up.  My contact info is on the About page.

We’ll have guest writers.  I’ll make breweries write about something cool and bring it to you on the inside scoop. This is for you.

I expect a slow start. However, we’re back. The Bottomless Pint is full, with an excellent pour, and we’re ready to talk beer.

Stay tuned.

– Mike


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