Farmhouse Classic (Bellwoods Brewery)


Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Beer Style: Saison/Farmhouse Ale

Alc./Vol.: 7.0%


Malts: Pilsner, Pale, Wheat, Flaked Wheat

Hops: Bravo, Styrian Goldings

Suggested Glassware: Oversized Wine Glass

Suggested Serving Temperature: 3-5° Celsius

Availability: LCBO, Bellwoods Brewery or at Bellwoods Bottle Shop

This week’s beer review features a beer from Bellwoods Brewery in Toronto, Ontario (124 Ossington Ave) called Farmhouse Classic. This brew is a Saison style beer that has been bottle conditioned. 

I had picked up this bottle (500ml) at Bellwoods Bottle Shop located in the brewery. The brewery is a great place not only for beer but also good. If you haven’t already been there you need to check it out. Also be sure to try the Duck Hearts, simply amazing. Farmhouse Classic is one of the first beers that Bellwoods has brewed, it is also a very popular beer at the brewery. 

When the beer is poured you instantly get a very fresh smell of citrus and lemongrass. The beer has somewhat of a champaign smell to it. I also noticed light notes of sour dough and spice in the aroma. This Sasion truly reminds me of Spring with all the fresh notes to it. The appearance of the beer is a straw yellow colour, that is a bit hazy in the glass. There is a great head on this beer that is a true white color. The head slowly thins out as you are enjoying this beer. DSC02452

At first taste, you get notes of sweet malt and citrus. You really start to taste the champaign characteristics of the beer. With each sip I started to notice different flavours in the beer. At points I started to taste lemongrass, as well as clove, and light peppery notes. The beer fills your mouth of a light bodied brew with somewhat if a grassiness to it  I really noticed the freshness of the beer. The bottle conditioning give the Farmhouse Classic a very unique taste that stays with you through the drinking experience. As you’re drinking the beer you will get a slightly bitter after tastethat really finishes the beer off well. 

My overall impression of this beer is that it is extremely well balanced. Even at 7% I could easily drink multiples of the Farmhouse Classic and still enjoy each one. It makes for very easy drinking brew to be enjoyed on a nice spring or summer day. It is a very crisp beer that is smooth till the very last drop. 

I give this beer an overall score of 46/50. Be sure to go and pick up a couple to try for yourself. Shoot me a message or follow me on twitter (@_bottomlesspint) and tell me what you think.


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