Drinking For a Cause at Canada’s 1st Ladies Craft Beer Fest!

Friday (April 1st 2016) was Canada’s first ladies only craft beer festival. It sounds like a big deal…because it is! But also when you think about it, it seems so obvious; how has no one thought of this yet?!


The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies has been hosting monthly bevies all around our great city for two years and they just keep getting better! Learn more about the SOBDL and their bevies in Victoria’s post from June: “Where are all the badass ladies at? SOBDL bevies, that’s where.”

The ladies went all out this time just as we knew they would (all of us who bought up every ticket in only 36 hours, that is). The Evergreen Brickworks is a stunning venue and a perfect choice for the occasion. My personal favourite parts being the fire pits and the ping pong tables. The fire pits were necessary because it was quite brisk out there but they also created a lovely atmosphere and that oh so nostalgic campfire smell that sticks to you for days. I personally spent most of the night huddled around one, happily sipping beer and making new friends. The ping pong tables, on the other hand, presented a hilariously pathetic hand-eye coordination test, which turned into a lot of laughing and a great way to stay warm.


Upon arrival (on a big yellow school bus!) we were each given a sample glass. The cutest sample glass you ever did see. Each month the ladies brew a one-off collaboration beer with one of the attending breweries called the bevy brew. This time it was called Anne Bonny’s Revenge, a Coconut Vanilla Porter brewed in collaboration with Junction Craft Brewing. Named for a female pirate and brewed by female brewers, this was probably my favourite beer of the night. The roasted coconut and malt flavours balanced well with the sweetness of the vanilla. Another stand out beer in my opinion was the Blood Brothers Abattoir Farmhouse Ale, a fruity saison with just the right amount of tanginess.

Some great food choices are always available. I demolished a plate of Beef cheek Chili Nachos from Beast Toronto. Apart from the top-notch beer and food, the highlight of my evening, as with all bevies, was the beer drinking lady love. All the great women who come out to these events and just want to make new friends, chat about beer and life and inevitably start dancing and singing 90’s pop songs. The backstreet boys and spice girls sing-a-long on the bus ride home was a seriously close second for best part of the night.

I am so grateful to the SOBDL for making this type of event a regular occurrence. At every bevy I meet someone who is there for the first time, and they can’t believe how normal it is for all of these women to genuinely love the beer they are drinking. It really shows how important this type of thing is. And not only that, a portion of the money goes to the Canadian Women’s Foundation. So cheers to the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies and drinking for a cause!

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