PRESS RELEASE: Ontario Self-Guided Brewery Discovery Routes Bigger and Better for 2016


More news fresh from the brain of ever-helpful and informative OBN – Ontario Tourism has announced their 2016 initiative celebrating food, beer, and other Ontario-made goodies in their Brewery Discover Routes platform!  Take a look at the homepage here.

Check out the full Press Release below!


Self-Guided Tours of Craft Beverages and Local Food Across Ontario and Its Protected Greenbelt Launched for Ontario Craft Beer Week 2016

TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – June 09, 2016) – As Ontario Craft Beer Week celebrates local beer across Ontario, self-guided Brewery Discovery Routes provide five complete itineraries for folks looking to get out and explore breweries, cideries, Feast On restaurants, and local attractions. Along the way, participants can indulge in the flavours of artisanal cheeses, lovingly prepared culinary treats using fresh, local ingredients, premium craft beverages, farmers’ markets and scenic outlooks.

First launched in 2015, the 2016 expanded version includes nearly 150 independent craft beverage producers, over 100 Feast On restaurants and additional points of interest across Ontario and its protected Greenbelt. Some 250,000 maps will be distributed for free to residents throughout the province and all the routes are also available online at

“Brewery Discovery Routes are the full package, showcasing Ontario’s independent, craft beverage producers, restaurants, artisanal cheesemakers, shops and farmers’ markets. They are the backbone of the rural economy and tourism landscape,” said Greenbelt Fund CEO Burkhard Mausberg. “The experiences let you taste the difference local makes from drink to food.”

“There is a great story behind every brewery in Ontario,” says Cam Heaps, co-founder Steam Whistle Brewing and chair of Ontario Craft Brewers. “Ontario Craft Breweries are ideal places for visitors to learn about the local brewing process, tour historical buildings, sample premium, award-winning brands and meet the real people behind the real craft beer in Ontario.”

“In Ontario we’ve seen a major growth in brewery tourism with a new survey showing beer, burgers and gastropubs are the favourite destinations of 32% of food tourists,” said Beth Potter, President & CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario. “The Brewery Discovery Routes Map is a great new tourism product that builds regional connections to deliver an economic boost to the tourism sector in rural communities.”

While sampling is part of any brewery tour, participants are reminded to drink responsibly and establish a designated driver if touring the Discovery Routes by car. Most breweries, cideries and distilleries have bottle shops on site so visitors can take their favourite craft beverage home with them to enjoy.

The project was made possible with an investment from the Greenbelt Fund to support local food literacy and encourage Ontarians to enjoy local more often.

About Brewery Discovery Routes:

Brewery Discovery Routes is a partnership of fifteen Ontario organizations and tourism partners, including: the Greenbelt Fund, Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, Greenbelt Fresh, Greenbelt Farmers’ Market Network, Dairy Farmers of Canada, Ontario Craft Brewers, Ontario Beverage Network, Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, Ontario Craft Cider Association, Ontario Craft Distillers Association, Central Counties Tourism Durham, Grey Bruce Tourism, Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island, Ontario Hop Growers’ Association and the Centre for Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare

About the Greenbelt Fund:

The Greenbelt Fund changes the way we eat food in Ontario. Our innovative investments get more local food onto the plates of Ontarians. We work with businesses, institutions and NGOs to make Ontario’s farmers the first choice for consumers. The Fund’s work has generated a 13-fold return on our investments, permanently changed the food value chain, and improved local food awareness and education around the province. As a not-for-profit, the Greenbelt Fund is supported by public and private sources.

For more information, contact:

Christine Mulkins
Ontario Craft Brewers

Erica Woods
Greenbelt Fund
Communication Manager, Greenbelt Fund
416-960-0001 ext. 306

Ales vs Lagers

In the big world of beer, there are ales and there are lagers. What makes ales and lagers different and are ales and lagers really different? Yeast. And yes. Because the two types of yeasts used in beer making are quite different from each other, the fermentation (the breakdown of a substance by yeast) can take place at different temperatures, which means the attenuation, the process of  covering sugars into alcohol and CO2 (and in beer lingo, just how much of this has occurred), can be a slow, long process or a fast and quick process (creating a not well attenuated or a well attenuated beer respectively), which in turn affects what fruity esters and compounds are left in the beer, the clarity of the beer, and how much carbonation is in the beer.

Ale Characteristics

So, ales are generally fermented quick and warm, which leaves them packed with esters, which gives us the fruity, bold flavors, and are robust, hearty, rich, and complex

 Lager Characteristics

Since lagers are fermented cold over a long period of time, they are often very clear and crisp beers with a smooth finish. They often lack the bold or fruity flavors that accompany ales.

To understand the differences in beers, you have to look past the differences between ales and lagers. You’ve got to look at the varieties of beer that exist. Here are 72 styles of beer that branch from the Ales and Lagers family.


Beer and Mixology Combine

With Summer coming not that after in the near future, who isn’t thinking about sitting on a patio with a nice craft beer? I know I am, but for some people beer just isn’t their thing. Mixology like craft beer is on the rise in the bar industry. The combination of ingredients to make these amazing cocktails, but why not combine the two worlds together and enjoy some beer cocktails? I happen to find this quick reference infographic to show some of the beer cocktails you can make. If you have any of your own be sure to share them with me by email or tweeting me at @_bottomlesspint.