#BeermostlyTopTen of 2018

Picking the top 10 beers of the year was a challenge, but these are your standouts (plus my 3 least favourite of this year)

What a year it’s been in Ontario beer! The kettle sour craze continues, transparent beer is frowned upon, and lactose reigns as everyone’s favourite adjunct. What are you drinking this New Year’s Eve?

I’ve arranged the top ten beers of 2018 in the gallery below – and as a bonus immediately following, my 3 least favourites!

The Worst 3 Beers I had This Year

Highlighting the best is easy; highlighting the worst is often quite difficult. It’s not that breweries are putting out fundamentally flawed beer often, its that there are often attempts at styles that fall flat, are misdirected, or seem to be less-than-enjoyable examples of a style that, unfortunately for that beer, someone else does exceedingly well. No hard feelings to these three breweries, but here are the worst beers I had this year.

Nickel Brook Lost In Orbit Session IPA – To get in before the inevitable “everyone knows you don’t like NEIPAs, shut up”… this was different. I had to go re-buy it to make sure I didn’t get a bad batch. Yikes.

Brock St. Oktoberfest Marzen – I don’t know how this made it out of the brewery. Serious off flavours and was a near instant drainpour.

Bellwoods Witchshark IPA – I can’t believe this is an entry, but Bellwoods (who admittedly are free to do what they want) changed this recipe into a nearly unrecognizable beer. Gone are the piney vibes and alcohol heat that I’m left wanting; it is now a hazy IPA with lots of fruity dankness. While not low in quality, this makes it onto this list because I’m not mad – I’m disappointed that a long-time favourite had to go away.

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