Beer and your Body

The health benefits of the world’s second most drunk beverage

1. Strong Bones
Beer contains a rare nutrient, silicon, which strengthens bones. Drinking beer has even been found to decrease change of getting none diseases.

2. Strong Heart
The Nutrition Journal did a study on beer and found that beer reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems. Other studies have found similar heart benefits of beer.

3. Healthy Cells
Beer contains antioxidants which rebuild cells and contribute to long life.

4. Lower Chances of Cancer
Hops contain polyphenois, which lower bad cholesterol levels, kill viruses, and even fight cancer. Micro beers contain more hops than commercial canned beers, so these contribute greater health in these areas.

5. A Plethora of B Vitamins
Each beer contains many B vitamins, which are to, among other things:
-Ease Stress
-Reduce heart disease risk
-Aid memory
-Build and strengthen muscle

So go and enjoy great local craft beer and say cheers to your body!


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